My Father's War 

Recollections of World War II by Philip C. Ellsworth

No Wall

John Chillemi • James Buchanan • Abner Culbertson • Earl Davis • James Grimes • Robert Hooper • Murray Hornstein • Herbert Hulmes • Lloyd Jester • Robert Kirk • Eugene Klein • Stanley Krusinski • Earl Leland • Philip Librone • Clifford Melkert • Chester Merrill • Jason Miller • John Miller • Gene Newbold • Peter Petracco • James Rembert • Andimo Robbio • Arthur Slutzkin • John Speier • Richard Sprague • Stanley Thomas • William Wattson • Francis Wayte • Garo Yazujian • Charles Zastresek • Richard Polhemus • William Bresnahan • Harold Miller • Olan Dabbs • Robert Burlison •

No wall, no memorial but in our hearts.

Company E, 397th Regiment, 100th Division

Epinal American Cemetery and Memorial, Dinozé, Lorraine, France

Lorraine American Cemetery and Memorial, St.-Avold, France

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  1. Kyle Melkert says:

    My one of my Grandfather’s brothers, Clifford, is mentioned in the wall, and my family has seen his resting place in Epinal. I was curious if you had any more information about the men listed, and your own father. It would be worth spreading and remembering as much about the men as possible.

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